How to Set Up


Beginners-the version of the OS should be latest, Kitkat5 or a higher version is easier. The launchers or the skin are very tastefully designed to give the users a very enriching experience. Since Netflix is more popular, it is a great move to make it look similar.

Connecting-The box can be connected by WIFI, internet or Ethernet; all the apps can be downloaded as per viewer’s choice. For example the YouTube app can be streamed for watching videos.

Understanding-the greatest advantage of an Android box is that it has the capacity to give HDMI output in a normal TV with a good HD quality viewing. They work on the same OS as the smart phones, as it is very feasible hardware. A normal keyboard, mouse, and remote control can be used for input. All Android Apps can be run and can be used for any purpose as checking emails, working on a document as we do in our smart phones. The boxes come in various sizes, shapes and at different price points to suit one’s budget, however care must be taken to see that the set up is not altered by the manufacturer. Uninstalling any App is very similar to the way it is done on the smart phone, except that time taken is a bit longer. The flexibility of an Android box is a class apart from the others. The apps in the Android set up box can be upgraded without spending much on getting a new STB every time and the cost factor too is not high as a new one. The surround sound is quite is quite good with the audio passage much clearer. The viewer’s discretion is again on sky high.

How to Set Up

As a new Smart TV user, the Android TV box setup runs on the Android operating system which is very commonly used in the smart phones, tablets.